Content is King

With easyLED CMS manage, control and play your content across digital displays, LCD or LED, indoor or outdoor.
It is web-based and easily accessible. Create or upload content, make programs and publish effortlessly.
Our Player display content with stunning quality and pixel-perfect resolution.

Dynamic Content

Play high quality content, mixing video,
images and text or RSS feeds.

Remote Control

Control & manage your content form
anywhere via a web browser.

Playlist Scheduling

You can automate the content by
setting start & end dates.

Give life to your Displays

With our simple to use solution, Add existing media such as video, image, news feed, html5, datafeed, streaming….
Build your own template or ticker with media zones, RSS, XML and images.
With this content management system, set programs based on displays, dates and time,
and automate your digital signage to make it dynamic and up to date.

The Player

Our SlimStick is a small computer based on Windows 10. It efficiently renders all media content at an amazing quality. Featuring performances required for today’s rich content, it is accurate and play any content on single HD displays or custom sized LED Displays.

The content’s size and proportions are automatically re-scaled to match the display’s pixel resolution. It is able to run on portrait and Landscape TVs. Our digital signage software runs on both Windows and Android media players.

Why use Digital Signage ?

  • Advertise Better

    Easily change promotions within a few minutes, manually or automatically.

  • Increase Sales

    Increase your sales per customer by influencing customer decisions.

  • Brand Image

    Promote a positive brand image and make the customer experience personal.

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